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Mezzes & Dips

Fried mashed chickpeas and vegetables balls served on drizzled tahini
Chickpea puree, tahini, lemon, olive oil
Plain $09.00 | Jalapeno $10.00 | Lamb $11.00 | Trio $18.00
Golden brown fried then tossed in sumac sauce
Citrus, garlic, olive oil, spices, cilantro
Tomatoes, onion, garlic and herb infused olive oil
Filo stuffed with spinach, cheese, onion

Dips (served with pita)

Creamy yoghurt, za’atar spices
Smoked eggplant, tahini paste, olive oil
Cubes of eggplant, tomato sauce, onion, garlic and touch of olive oil
Choose three dips above


Tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, feta cheese, and olives with herbs and olive oil
Baby arugula, and balsamic dressing
Goat cheese, baby beets, walnuts, arugula, dried fruits

Pita Sandwiches

(Pita rolled with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and creamy white sauce)
(Served with fries or house salad on the side)

sliced seasoned meat
shredded grilled chicken
fried mashed chickpeas and vegetables balls
Grilled, light spiced, potato wedges

Entrees (served with turmeric rice)

Pan seared, side of Brussels, tomato sauce, mushroom
Roasted garlic, dried cilantro, lime, olive oil
Beef Boti, Lamb Boti, Chicken Kebab, Rice, Salad, Sautéed Veggies
Marinated chicken in fresh herbs
Marinated chicken in fresh herbs
Marinated in herbs and spices, slow cooked on the grill
Marinated in herbs and spices, slow cooked on the grill
Turmeric marinated, bell peppers, zucchini, onions, eggplant


Coke | Diet Coke | Sprite | Ginger Ale
Bottled $02.00 | Pellegrino $04.00


Sweet layers of filo, pistachio and syrup

Some items may have been in contact with something that you may be allergic to, so please inform your server about any dietary restrictions or allergies you may have. For parties of 5 or more, an 18% service charge will be added automatically to the bill. We only accept 2 cards per bill. *This menu is subject to change without any notice due to market availability*